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NutriMirror Food Journal

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NutriMirror® is a powerful and easy-to-use Internet-based tool for managing behaviors that affect your health. NutriMirror® is not a diet, but a system that provides the accurate behavioral feedbacks that each individual needs to take personal responsibility for healthy weight and nutritional balance — two universal goals for good health.

Membership is 100% free. It takes only a few minutes to set up your account. With this simple system you’ll be getting healthy and losing weight before you know it.

NutriMirror® is super easy to use. With our tools you can:

  • Log and track the foods you eat
  • Log and track the physical activity and exercises you perform
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Achieve and maintain nutritional balance
  • Get calorie recommendations based on your metabolism
  • Get detailed nutritional analysis of the foods you eat
  • Log and maintain a record of your health benchmarks
  • Learn the nutritional values of the menus and recipes you create for you and your family
  • Share your NutriMirror® logs with your health or fitness professional

    Member Testimonial

    I used to ‘cheat.’ I would actually call it ‘closet binging.’ I would eat all kinds of bad things in secret and then eat normally when others were around. Then, when I started NutriMirror, I realized that I was only ‘cheating’ myself. I was not taking responsibility for what I was putting in my body, but I’m the only one who can be responsible for it. No one forced me to wolf down all those cookies, chocolates, ice cream, etc. Using NutriMirror has made me more accountable to myself and in the end, that’s all that really matters.

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