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Lifetime Weight Control and Nutritional Balance

28 Days to Better Health

Tour NutriMirror’s easy diet and exercise journal

The NutriMirror® system is accurate and user friendly — easy to understand, easy to navigate. In fact, once you've become familiar with the system's interface and tools, you should spend no more than ten to twenty minutes of logging each day to get all the information you need to successfully manage your weight and nutritional balance. There are six main areas within your private member pages:

  • My Home — the main "control panel" provides a two-week reflection of recent activity
  • Food — record the foods you eat, add new foods to the database, create menus and recipes, research food nutrient values
  • Exercise — record your exercises and learn exactly how many calories you burn with each activity
  • Body — record and monitor your weight and body mass index, key body measurements, blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol and more
  • Profile — set weight goals, lifestyle activity levels, and diet preferences
  • Reports — detailed analysis of nutritional and caloric activity customized for your needs
  • Watch the video below for a brief introduction to lifetime weight control and nutritional balance with the NutriMirror system.

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