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Lifetime Weight Control and Nutritional Balance

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Tour: Diet and Nutrition Tracking

Your Food Journal

Keeping track of the foods you eat is one of the most important things you can do to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but traditional methods are tedious, time-consuming, and often too difficult to be helpful. That's where NutriMirror® comes in. We've built a system that takes minimal effort for the user, but provides loads of invaluable reflections.

All you have to do is search our database for the foods you've eaten, and add them to your daily log. We then list your meals in an easy to understand format, showing your running totals for calories and nutrients, and comparing these totals with dietary recommendations. The numbers are color-coded for quick, at-a-glance review so you'll know your status instantly.

food log meal

Our members tell us that using our system is like playing a game, with the object being to finish the day "in the green." The trick to this is that you must make wise food choices in order to ensure adequate amounts of certain nutrients (fiber, vitamins) without getting too much of others (fats, calories). The good news is that the more time you spend with NutriMirror®, the more you learn about your foods — and it quickly becomes a game that's easy to win.

You'll always know the number of calories that will allow you to maintain your current weight, and members who wish to change their weight will see a second calorie target — updated daily — that will allow them to reach their goal.

calorie allowance

As on the Home page, nutrient intake is also shown in color-coded graph format for a quick reflection of current status (red colors require your attention). And a handy water log helps you make sure you're getting enough fluids.


The Food Database

NutriMirror® has a large database of foods available for logging, and we present it in a format that we think you'll agree makes it easy to search and find what you're looking for. And if a food is not in our database, you can easily add it using information from the food's nutrition facts label.

new food screenshot

We've worked hard to make the process of finding the foods you're looking for as easy as possible. You can search the entire database, or you can narrow the search by category and subcategory. And the system only gets easier as you use it, because we've added several handy shortcuts:

  • Recent Foods — This is a list of the thirty foods you have most recently added to your log.
  • Frequent Foods — This is a list of the thirty foods you have added to your log most often.
  • Favorite Foods — Select any food in the database and add it to your favorites for quick and easy access.
  • Menus — Set up a custom menu so that you can add multiple items to your log with a single selection. For example, if you typically eat a breakfast of Cheerios, lowfat milk, grapefruit, and coffee, create a menu of those items and call it "Breakfast" so you don't have to add them one at a time to your log every morning.
  • Recipes — If you cook from scratch, you'll love the recipe feature. It unites all your ingredients into a single item, with a unified nutritional profile. Instead of having to list butter, sugar, flour, chocolate chips, etc., every time you eat a homemade cookie, just create your own recipe and name it something like "My Cookie." Then it will show up as "My Cookie" in your food log.
  • menu and recipe

    Shared Foods

    NutriMirror® has made it easy for multiple users — family members, for instance, or roommates — to share database entries. If two members agree to "share," then they will be able to use one another's recipes, menus, and new database food entries so that they don't have to duplicate their logging efforts when eating the same foods.

    Search By Nutrients; Nutrition Details

    NutriMirror® also makes it easy to learn more about foods in our database. You can search by nutrients, for example, to creat a list of foods in any category that are high in fiber, low in sodium, or good sources of other vitamins or nutrients. And when you find a food, you can click to view its complete nutrition profile for any serving size you choose.

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