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Tour: Exercise Journal

Your Exercise

Regular exercise is integral to a healthy lifestyle, and NutriMirror® makes it easy to set activity goals, monitor your progress toward reaching them, and apply the "calorie credit" you've earned toward your daily energy balance.

Different exercises burn calories at different rates for different people, and the NutriMirror® database takes these factors into account when you log your exercise sessions. Whether you're a 200-pound aerobic dancer, a 110-pound downhill skier, or a 147-pound walker (at pace of 3.7 miles per hour, say) we will compute the calories burned during your exercise and then use that number to figure your new total calorie expenditure for the day.

exercise journal

Adding exercises to the log is easy, and we've provided several ways to do this:

  • First, you can choose from a large list of exercises. Just tell us what you did and how long you did it, and we'll do the rest. Calories burned are estimated using personal metabolism, duration of exercise, and exercise intensity levels (the metabolic equivalents as originally pulished by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins).
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  • Second, if you are a walker/runner or bicyclist, we provide an even more precise calorie burn number if you give us any two out of three variables: time, distance, or speed.
  • Third, if you already know know how many calories you've burned, just name the exercise and enter the number directly.
  • record exercise

    Your Exercise Goal

    You can also set a goal based on the intensity and total time you plan to spend exercising each week. A bar graph at the bottom of the exercise log keeps you informed of progress toward your goal.

    exercise goal
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