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Lifetime Weight Control and Nutritional Balance

28 Days to Better Health

Tour: Nutrition Facts Report

Intake Analysis

Once you have begun logging foods and exercises, you'll want to learn more about whether you're making appropriate food choices. Your Home page and your Food Log page already give you a wealth of information presented in an easy to understand format. However, NutriMirror® also offers a Reports section that allows you to review your entire history — over any logged period of time — with detailed analysis of a wide range of nutrients.

Your Nutrition Facts Reflection

The results of your eating and exercise choices are summarized here in the familiar nutrition facts label format. These numbers refer to the sum totals of your actual diet and calorie expenditure, with daily value recommendations specific to your nutritional needs.

food log meal
diet log screenshot

The three labels give details for nutrients received from foods, from supplements, and from foods and supplements together. The labels can also be expanded with just a click to see details for an additional eighteen nutrients not included on the standard label.

Now that you've reviewed the label, you can click on any nutrient for a detailed analysis of that nutrient in your diet, complete with a list of all the foods you've eaten, ranked according to the amount of that particular nutrient each food provided to your diet.

calorie allowance

If the report shows a deficiency in an important nutrient, we link to a list of healthy food suggestions that will help you make up the difference. In addition, you can search our entire database to rank foods according to the concentration of any nutrient that we track.

Energy Balance

The Energy Balance report focuses on the calories you have eaten compared with the calories you have expended. The net difference between these numbers is your calorie balance, or energy balance, which determines whether you lose, gain, or maintain weight.

The report allows you to select any date range to compare your theoretical weight loss with your actual recorded results. When there is a discrepancy, we point out a few possible causes. To create the clearest possible reflection of your behaviors, it's a good idea to record your weight regularly, log foods as accurately as possible, and periodically check out the energy balance report to make sure things are on track.

diet log screenshot
weight lossweight control and nutritional balance

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